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AP34 Coetzee

The pedagogical alchemy of embodiment: towards sympoiesis in drama-
based learning.

Much recent scholarship in the arts and humanities has argued for the
reinstatement of the bodily in understanding the arts and their encounter. The
dramatic arts are interwoven with the bodily and have long viewed the bodily as
central to processes of inquiry, understanding and knowledge-creation. Whilst
much research refers to the physical use of the body or the body per se in the
dramatic arts, relatively little research explores how the bodily in and through
embodiment, might enhance leaning ‘with’ others. Drawing upon theoretical
frameworks in drama pedagogy, embodiment studies, and ecological thinking,
the paper explores the ways in which embodiment, foregrounded in a drama-
based teaching and learning context, might constitute a sympoetic pedagogy.

Widening drama education conversations

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