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AP28 Pascoe

The Power Of Stories In The Change Process

In my work in curriculum and teacher education, I have observed that the most powerful change agent for a teacher is another teacher (van der Heijden, Beijaard, Geldens, & Popeijus, 2018). Programmed professional learning, as well-intentioned as it might be, cannot match the power of story of lived experience, sometimes shared incidentally and anecdotally but received with purposeful benefit.
Case Stories (Norris, McCammon, & Miller, 2000) and Critical Incidents (Tripp, 1993/2012) provide two lenses for teacher change that carry similar power and purpose when used with intentionality.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice Teacher Education, Non Formal or combinations of these target groups
Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding
Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education teacher education, curriculum theory and practice,
Widening drama education conversations

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