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AP27 Mehrotra

Applied Theatre in Education for future possibilities in learning process

The paper aims at exploring the applications of Applied Theatre modalities like Theatre of the Oppressed, PlaybackTheatre and Theatre-in-Education conventions in multiple projects within lndia and internationally.The research highlights the design and impact of these tools as embodied practices across social economic realities, cross-cultural dimensions, gender and economic disparities.The paper elucidates projects with different stakeholders in the ecosystem namely with a group of children in Bangalore,lndia (Teach for lndia) from economically and socially disadvantaged community (B months intensive project), a group of teachers in a school in lndia who undenrvent an intensive module in Theatre-in- Education, an international project on "Forum Theatre" per-formance which explored the "Banking model" of education as defined by Paulo Freire in his writings in "Pedagogy of The Oppressed" and a Playback Theatre gathering specifically designed for the youth in lndia to bring in conversations and Dialoguing
on prospects and future possibilities on drama and art education.

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (applied theatre)

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