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AP20 Hallissey

Creative Ireland projects: Partnerships and possibilities in drama-in-education

In recent years, Irish primary schools have received considerable funding from Creative Ireland. As a result of this, partnership programmes have flourished at primary level, providing possibilities to co-construct a classroom world of mutual trust and harmony. Therefore, this paper explores drama projects under two such programmes: Creative Schools Initiative (CS) and Teacher Artist Programme (TAP). The CS focus of this paper explores the perspectives of teachers, principals, co-ordinators and Creative Associates in two primary schools. The TAP focus of the paper explores the perspectives of students, teachers and the artist (Helen) in four schools. The frame for these creative projects was ‘Mantle of the Expert’. Key findings indicated that, both the CS and TAP can provide opportunities for transformational learning in drama to occur, through engagement in collaborative practice, facilitating agency and potentially empowering all stakeholders. However, to avoid arts partnerships becoming solely a support measure, the need for professional development in future arts initiatives was reiterated throughout.

Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education (formal education, teacher education, curriculum and practice)

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