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AP19 Jianu

Theatrical activities for improving the quality of life of children with cancer

The World Health Organization has raised concerns regarding an escalation in the incidence of cancer diagnoses among children, projecting an annual figure exceeding 500 new cases in Romania. It is a fundamental principle that, in order to tolerate aggressive treatments characteristic of oncology, they must maintain a heightened emotional state. In this context, the Faculty of Theatre at the The National University of Theatre and Film Bucharest, has carried out various activities with hospitalized children from the National Institute of Oncology. The aim was to maintain or develop optimal communication skills for resilience in the new context of illness and to improve the quality of life for these young patients through theatrical activities. The success of these activities has demonstrated the importance of using theatrical methodologies and techniques within hospital settings to safeguard the psychological well-being of pediatric patients during the course of treatment, as well as to facilitate their subsequent social integration.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice (Non Formal or combination of these target groups)

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