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Dancing with Disabilities— my discoveries in a playback theatre project with Deaf and Visually Impaired

Storybox is a collaboration between Hong Kong Baptist University
students, the deaf community and the blind community. This is a playback
theatre project which enables participants with different abilities and
backgrounds to meet and learn from each other, constituting personal
growth and social dialogues. Since 2020, we have gone through a fantastic
journey in exploring how to make the context of learning and practising
playback theatre more accessible and inclusive to the local deaf and
visually impaired. In presentation, I will shared our experiences in core
training for the deaf and core training for the visually impaired, as well s
the way we worked together (i.e. how we trained and performed as a
mixed group of deaf, visually impaired and university students). I would
also like to share the difficulties encountered, the significance, and ideas
for further development of inclusive playback theatre/ in enhancing
inclusive awareness in the practice of playback theatre in Hong Kong .
Indeed I wish the presentation could invite more inspiring ideas and
dialogues in the inclusiveness of Playback Theatre internationally.

Enabling cross-cultural communication and understanding; Widening drama education conversations

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