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AP14 Siu

Process drama engages younger-aged children’s language learning: a structural literature review

This structural literature review focuses on the function of process drama in language
learning for young children. It investigates a wide array of online journals in the fields
of drama in education, language learning, and early childhood education. The review
has two main goals. The first is to combine the features of interactions for early-
childhood language learning with relevant process drama methods. The second is to
spot the problems faced when adding process drama into early childhood language
learning environments, and to propose possible answers to these problems.
Language learning and early childhood go hand in hand, with the interactive
experience playing a key role in the language learning process. Interaction is
necessary as it allows active participation among young children. This interaction can
come in different forms, like between kids, between teacher and students, and in
groups. It should be turned into guided activities to offer varied language experiences.

Sharing Global Drama Education Experience and practice; Exploring emerging possibilities and scenarios for drama education; Widening drama education conversations

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